Hi there everyone!

We’ve been very busy at Brunel meeting many many lovely students and staff at the Brunel Freshers Fayre and the Isambard Complex Welcome Event.

We must first of all say a great big thanks to all the organisers who made our presence a possibility at these events and all of the friendly people who came and said hi – you’re all so much fun! We hope to be back to Brunel soon.

In the meantime, stay in touch.

Brunel Freshers Fayre - 25th September 2012

One of the largest Freshers fayres in the UK, this was an absolutely brilliant day. We handed out free food and challenged many to our Bullet Naan, laughed and joked and thoroughly enjoyed the day! Here’s a couple of photos. 

Isambard Complex Welcome Event – 3rd October 2012

The Isambard welcome event was on Tuesday. It was a huge success with around 300 students turning up for the event! We’re so glad you all enjoyed our food and we had a lot of fun meeting you all. There are a few photos from this event below too. 

The full album of photos from both events can be found on Facebook – just click here! Please do tag yourselves if you see your happy faces.

Until next time Brunel!

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